My name is Sandra. I was born 24st of November,1993 I have got sixteen years old.I born in Úbeda (Jaén)an I got to school called SA.FA

I have brown my hair straight and brown eyes I was tall. I´ve a piercing in the lip. I like listen music and I like for example El Barrio.
I sometimes watching a film. I like go with my friends and I go
to Italiano and I have coffee. I like computer because I have listen music and conecting of tuenti.

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My favourite song is mi amor and the singer it´s El Barrio.I like very much music of flamenco.
You´ve photos of his.
external image 1193477093_el_barrio%5B1%5D.jpgexternal image elbarrio.jpgexternal image El-Barrio.gif

I have visited many diferents places for example:
-Paris: because it´s beautiful.

external image Paris-Torre-Eiffel.jpg

- New york:because it´s a flats enormous.

external image nueva20york.jpg

-Miami:because it´s exciting.

external image usa%20-%20eeuu%20-%20miami%20-%20orlando.jpg

I like this video because it explains real facts and because I like very much this song.