My name is Rafa.I was born 24th december, 1993 in Jaen. I am 16 years old. I live in Mengibar. I study in Ubeda
, in a school called Safa.

I have got one brother, he name is Jose and is 19 years old, he works is driver, he loves card and one sister, she name is Alicia and is 20 years old, she works as secretary.

My favourite music is Pop,for example Estopa, because sing very good.

I like Fondo flamenco

Mu favourite film is Colega donde esta mi coche, it is interesting.

I love sports, my favourite sport are football and cycling.

My favourite football team is Real Madrid, My idol is Raul.

external image Colega%20donde%20esta%20mi%20coche.jpgraul_madrid.jpg
My hobbies are motorbikes, go to party with my friend.

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