My name is Pedro. I am sixteen years old. I was born 22nd july, 1993. I live in Ubeda. I have got hair black and short. I have got five brother and one sister. I am study in SAFA. My father work is busin essran and mother too. My fovourite music is the BARRIO..... My favourite film are the gum. My sport is the football and my football team is R. Madrid!!!!!! My hobbis favourito is the scalextric digital sistem.

I really like travelling around the world. I have visited many different places: Portugal, Francia. external image francia.jpg external image portugal%20monument.jpg
Paris (Francia) Lisboa (Portugal)

My favourite player is Raul. He is very good plays football. He have got 32 years old and he's been playing 15 years. He is Real Madrid.
He to win very titles. Cope the europe..... raul_madrid.jpg

My favourite music is the BARRIO....