My name is Mari Carmen. I was born 3rd Sepember, 1993 in Úbeda so i'm 16 years old. I have lived in Úbeda since I was born and I study in Úbeda but I lived in Jaén for two years.

I have got a one brother, he name is Carlos and is 9 years old, he is study.

I'm a brown girl with brown eyes and like listening to music, and going out with my friends, and going bowling, but I hate reading books. I love computers. Every afternoom, I do my homework and I surf the internet.

Here you have my VOKI. I it's my avatar and it can speak in English!!

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My favourite film is "Crepusculo". I love!
I like listen to music. My favourite singer is Melendi.I like every tipes the music.
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I have visited many diferents places, but I love to visit it has to be fantastic and awesome.

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New York

Here you have my favouryte video. Because I like song. I love!

Here you have my favourite song because is my favourite singer.