hi! My name is Elena. I was born 15th february,1993 in Úbeda so I´m 16 years old . I have one sister, his name is Cristina and she has 23 years old. I like going out party with boyfriend, his name is Sergio and he have 18 years old. I´m dating him since 31th may 2009.
I hate fish, but I love pizza,kevap,soup,beach,pasta... My favourite food is crisps with eggs and my drinks favourite is cola and orange juice. I have one piercing in navel and I like.
I love shopping and buying clothes and shoes. In my free times. I like are computer and see tuenti, speak by messenger with my friends and sometimes with my family,cousins,aunt...

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My favourite sing is "manos al aire" Nelly furtado. I love pop,techno,elektro... but I hate flamenco music, never listen. And my favourite film is titanic, I love.
I have never travelled abroad, but I´d like to go to Venecia, Paris, London... Here you have some pictures:

external image canales-venecia.jpg

external image Paris.jpg

external image londres1.jpg

This my favourite videos, Leona Lewis and Nelly Furtado, I like his songs.

My favourite book is Crepusculo, I love and see films. Too see films Luna nueva, but I don´t have book. Here you have some pictures of the protagonists the film.

external image crepusculo-portada-pelicula2.jpg

The video is beautifiul, I love and the singer I like.