My name is Clara.I was born 15st February,1992 in Cordoba so I´m 17 years old .I have lived in Cordoba since I was born and I study in Ubeda, in a school called Safa.

I´m a brown girl green eyes and I like listening to music, watching TV, going to cinema, going my friends the shopping.
I love computers, I but two computers. Every afternoon studying.

Here you have my VOKI. It´s my avatar and it can speak in English!!

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My favourite film is Twilight. Is film go the vampires and one human.
I favourite song is Gracias a Ti.
I like every tipes the music.I love Don Omar, El canto del loco...
My favourite team is Real Madrid and likes playing tennis

I have visited many different plames: Andalucia , Zaragoza, Madrid , Galicia, Barcelona,
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Roma (Italy)

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My favourite video is my inmotal "evanecen" but speak about the love.