My name is blas. I was born 23 rd December, 1993 in Ubeda so I'm 15 years old. I have lived in Ubeda since I was born.
I study in Ubeda, in a school called SAFA.
I'm brown boy with brown eyes and I like watching TV, listen to music and go out with my friends. Every afternoon, I do my homework and surf the internet.Every night I play the cornet with my band.
I have one sister, she has got 19 years old. She is studying in Jaen.
My fauvorite singer is El Barrio, because I love his music. My fauvorite football team is REAL MADRID, my idol is Kaka.

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Her you have some photos of diferent places.
external image paris-torre-eiffel.jpg
Francia (Paris)
external image Isla_en_el_Caribe-1024x768-638374.jpeg
Caribbean beach..

This is my idolexternal image n_real_madrid_kaka-823781.jpg