My name is Almu.I was born 26th November, 1993 in Úbeda so I'm 16 years old. I study in Úbeda, in a school called Safa.
I'm blond girl, long hair, brown eyes. I,m tall, beautiful and good friend.I like listen to music and watching TV.I have got two sisters Estrella and Paqui. I like go a out with my friends and boyfriend.I do my homework and surf the internet.

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My favourite film is " HOCUS POCUS".I like every tipes of music. I love Reggaeton,El Barrio,Hùngara,Camela, etc.
My favourite team is Barcelona. I hate Real Madrid.
I have never travelled abroad Andalucia, Almería,Jaen, Linares,etc.
I going to Almería next weekend.I go wiht my parents, my sisters, boyfriend.
I have never travelled abroad , but I`d like go to Caribe.

Here you have some photos of diferent places.

external image playa-caribe.jpg

Playa san jose (Almería)

external image 664846.jpg

external image 20090320_36_radiole1.jpg

Dime si te vas con el (Flex)

My favourite music is " Dime si te vas con el " from (Flex).