My name is Almudena. I was born 11th September, 1992 in Úbeda so I´m 17 years old. I have lived in Úbeda since I was born. I study in Úbeda, in a school called SAFA.
I´m brown girl with brown eyes and I like watching TV, listen to music and go out with my friends. Every afternoon, I do my homework and surf the internet.
Here you have my VOKI. It´s my avatar and it can speak in English!

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My favourite film is "Twilight" It´s a history for one family. They are vampires and one son is loves a student. I watch this film 9 times!! But I really like music. I like every tipes of music. I love El Barrio, La Hungara, Fondo Flamenco, Sergio Contreras,etc.

My favourite team is Real Madrid. I hate Barcelona!!!

I like travelling around Spain. I have travelled from; Madrid, Valladolid, Andalucia,etc. I´m going to Cadiz next weekend. I go with my parents, my sister and some friends. I really like Cadiz!!!

Here you have some photos of diferent places.

external image paris1230.jpg
Paris (France)

external image 1136574-alameda_de_apodaca-cadiz.jpg
Cadiz (Andalucia)
external image madrid19.jpg
Madrid (Spain)

external image ubeda.jpg
Úbeda( Andalucia)

external image sunset2622aTN.jpg
Rota (Cadiz)

My favourite Music Video is "Hasta aqui hemos llegao" from La Hungara. I really like because it´s a good singer and I really like flamenco!!!

Úbeda it´s beautiful city. Here you are some information from my city, http://www.ubedainteresa.com/
external image ubeda_muralla.jpg

My favourite song is "orgullo barriero" from El Barrio. I like it´s because he is a good singer!! He always says the truth!!