hi! my name is Alejandro Requena i was born 5th september.I am 17 years old.i live in ubeda.i was born in benidorm,i love benidorm city!!studing in ubeda.

i´m blond boy with,i have got green eyes green,I´m 1´75 tall.I have got one peircings,
i love reggea music,my favorite artist is a "kabuto",my favorite single is a "smoking sesion"

my favorite hobbie is handcrafting,i like football and basketball.

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My favourite film "how high"a film by mezoman and redman,my favourite singel is a "bob marley"i love reggea,hip-hop,rock,house,tecno...
i have never travelled abroad,but i´d like to go to Holland :)
external image 09-la-bella-holanda.jpg

i like bob marley and his son,i love his music,the reggae music,bob marley sons:kymani marley,damian marley,stephen marley,ziggi marley,his collaborations with rappers are cool example:damian marley and cypress hill-ganja bus...