My name is Alejandro but Alex with to friends. I was born 25nd, November, 1993 in Jaen so I´m sixteen years old!.I live in Jaen but I estudies in Ubeda in a boarding school! I don´t like it but this is live!

I´m blond boy with bronw eyes an black hair.I have several piercings one in the eyebrow and other in the tongue!. I like going out with my friends, go with my motorbike, going to the cinema,
I like music a lot of music I love music I listen pendulum, prodigy and pop.

My favorite sport is capoeira and y practise for two years!.
external image f_15941678_6.jpeg
My favorite flims is Air Force One but y like other flims Yamakashi, Ong Bak, Invicto Transporter...
external image airforceone.jpg
I like travel arround the world but I like to visit New York. I have visited diferent citys of the world. Baradero, Paris, Ciudad del Vaticano, Roma and Marruecos.
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Varadero [ Cuba ]

external image paris.jpg

Paris [ Francia ]

external image vaticano22.jpg

Ciudad Del Vaticano

external image marruecos.jpg


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